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      Cable Material Divi.
      Flame Retardant Material Divi.
      UV Cross-linking Equipment Divi.
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         Heilongjiang Orient Science & Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007. It is located in Jiamusi which is known as "China point". The company is currently Heilongjiang province light irradiation cross-linking materials engineering and technology research center and postdoctoral workstation.  The company was rated as Heilongjiang Province high-tech enterprises in 2011.

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      My company was registered legally in 2007, obtain a business license of enterprise legal person
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      地址:黑龍江省佳木斯市高新技術開發區中華路7號       電話:0454-6075500       傳真:0454-6075522        黑ICP備10001233號-1