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        Cable Material Divi.
        Flame Retardant Material Divi.
        UV Cross-linking Equipment Divi.
        Qualification honor

           My company was registered legally in 2007, obtain a business license of enterprise legal person. Companies in the State Ministry of science and technology, hall of province science and technology support, has undertaken the completion of the national science and technology support program "by UV irradiation cross-linking technology and expansion type resistance technology of cable for track traffic development (2007BAE27B00)"、Science and technology program of Heilongjiang province "silicon based polymer fireproof cable insulation material and silicon based fire resistant cable tackle key problem (GB09A205)"、national key new product "UV irradiation cross linking polyethylene (2007GRB20010)"and so on. Company was obtained ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, certificate of high-tech products, national key new product certificate, won the Chinese standard innovation award, the Heilongjiang provincial science and technology progress prize two and Jiamusi science and Technology Progress Award and many other awards.



        地址:黑龍江省佳木斯市高新技術開發區中華路7號       電話:0454-6075500       傳真:0454-6075522        黑ICP備10001233號-1