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        Attend the innovation of science and Technology Congress session Jiamusi

        The innovation of science and technology conference was held at the Harbin International Conference Center the meeting to the globe theatre in September 26th, 2012, setting television and telephone meeting each city (the ground), county (city). My company attended complete province science and Technology Innovation Conference Jiamusi branch meeting.

        At the meeting, secretary of provincial Party committee, vice secretary of provincial Party committee Ji Bingxuan, vice-governor Wang Xiankui attends the meeting and make important speech. The conference emphasizes: should implement spirit of Congress of innovation of national science and technology, deepen reform of system of science and technology, accelerate innovation of science and technology, organized provincial mobilization to promote science and technology to reform development, accelerate science and technology to save construction by force, for Heilongjiang economy society faster and better development to provide strong scientific and technological support.

        地址:黑龍江省佳木斯市高新技術開發區中華路7號       電話:0454-6075500       傳真:0454-6075522        黑ICP備10001233號-1