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        Shield compounds

        UV-irradiation cross-linkable insulation polyolefin compounds

        Product description

        UV-irradiation cross-linking insulation polyolefin compounds based on polyolefin resins, together with the photo-initiators, chemical inhibitor plastifier and stabilizer, processed by mixing extruding.The insulation materials based on RTU seriespresent peculiarities of mechanical properties, smooth surface, no precrosslinking reaction and facile operation. Meanwhile, colorful master-batches (such as red, yellow, blue and green) have also been designed to match RTU series compounds, which represent superior weather and high-temperature resistant properties and fadeless characteristic.


        Product property

        Processing technology

        Processing temperature

        Part I    Part II    Part III   Part IV    Part V  Extruder head

        160℃   170℃     180℃    190℃      200℃      210℃

        The above indicators are for your reference and temperature of processing need to be adjusted according to the actual situation.

        Storage and Usage

        RTU series are packaged with plastic bags of 25±0.2 kg which should be stored at warehouse where is ventilated and dry.

        地址:黑龍江省佳木斯市高新技術開發區中華路7號       電話:0454-6075500       傳真:0454-6075522        黑ICP備10001233號-1