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        UCT equipment

        Product description

        UCT equipmentis applicable to the production ofcross-linked low-voltagewire and cable.By using computer simulation technology, our designers have simulated UV-irradiation and draft cooling systems and developed UV-I type machines with high quality and efficiency. UV-irradiation cross-linking device is composed of UV-irradiation case, electric cabinet, electric parts and cooling system. In the UV-irradiation case, nine UV-tubes are divided into three units andarrange with a 120°separationfor each other in each unit. The UV lights from each unit can focus on the center through which the wire or cable passes. Simultaneously, the cooling system can reduce the temperature of the focus area to ensure that the insulation of wire or cable does not decompose. The device of UCT can be installed between extruder and circulating water bath from PVC production line. It is needed to add a belt type caterpillar to provide the polyethylene or polyolefin insulation well-distributed irradiation.

        UV irradiation cross-linking production line as shown below:


        Using UV-irradiation cross-linking technology, the production of low-voltage (≤3.0 kV) power cable is more efficient (short production time) than silane cross-linking method. It also costs less machinery investment than electron beam irradiation cross-linking technology. In addition, the price of cable materials exclusively for UCT is also lower than other materials.

        UV cross-linking reaction principle

        The main raw materials polyolefine is added a proper amount of photoinitiator, under certain conditions of irradiation with ultraviolet light, through the photoinitiator absorbs certain wavelengths of ultraviolet light, causing the polyolefin to generate free radicals, resulting in a rapid series of polymerization reaction, separate polyolefin long chain macromolecule chemical bond connection into a three-dimensional network of cross-linking polyolefin molecular structure.

        The production different parameters of UV cross-linking cable production equipment

        Table 1. The production parameters for different XLPE power cables

         Table 2. The production parameters for different polyolefin halogen-free low smoke flame retardant cables

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